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Employee Profiles

Sandi K., IT Service Desk Manager

Technology is inescapable. The latest and greatest today will be old news by tomorrow. For the past 21 years, I have been part of the HealthSCOPE Benefits Network Technology team that keeps our associates up to date and ready to assist our clients. Throughout my years at HealthSCOPE Benefits, I have been consistently impressed by the company’s commitment to keeping its technology current in order to provide superior service to our customers, as well as the learning experiences it has afforded me.   I look forward to the next challenge presented, knowing that with teamwork we can accomplish anything.


John B., Corporate Communications

It is exhilarating to work for a company that values your opinion! I have been a part of HealthSCOPE Benefits for four years, but in that time, I truly feel that the skills and attitude I bring to the table are appreciated and rewarded. If you have a talent and a passion for the type of work you do, HealthSCOPE Benefits will welcome you with open arms. This company realizes there is always room for improvement, and the management team is willing to listen to new ideas and implement those recognized as valuable. It’s nice to look forward to going to work each day knowing you are appreciated!

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